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Apollo e-cigs have been around for a long time and in that time frame, they have been able to move up to be considered one of the top companies in the world for their e-cigarettes. Being well known doesn’t automatically mean the product is good, however, so it is important, as you go through the process of buying e-cigs, that you know what you are getting into before you buy them. Are Apollo e-cigarettes as good as you think they are? Read on to find out more:


New Customers – Getting Started Kits

One of the things that immediately stands out about Apollo e-cigs is that they offer a number of kits for those looking to get into the vaping world. They also have kits that the regular vaper will greatly appreciate.

Apollo Standard Starter Kit – $69.95

The Standard Starter Kit from Apollo is perfect for beginners as it has everything you need to get started, right out of the box. This kit comes with two of the Apollo automatic standard batteries, five cartomizers in the strength and flavor you choose, a portable charger case that will allow you to charge on the go, a USB charger and a wall adapter.

Apollo Extreme Starter Kit – $54.95

The Apollo Extreme Starter Kit is the most popular kit available from Apollo and has all you need to start vaping and much more. This kit will arrive at your door with two Apollo Extreme batteries, a five pack of cartomizers, a USB charger, wall adapter and a car charger.

Apollo Superior eGo Kit – $49.95

The Superior eGo kit from Apollo is perfect for heavy smokers and for those who are experienced vapers. This kit comes with two Superior eGo batteries, two CE4 clearomizers, a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid, a 10 ml bottle for mixing e-liquid, a USB charger, wall adapter, lanyard and carry pouch.

Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit – $67.29

For those who have used e-cigs before and looking for something a bit more advanced than a typical electronic cigarette the Apollo Endeavor is a great choice. This kit is considered to be the next generation of e-cigs and the features that are new have helped to improve both the flavor and the vapor output. This kit includes two Apollo Luminous batteries, 2 clearomizers, a USB charger, car charger, wall adapter and five 10 ml bottles of Apollo e-liquid.

Apollo VTube Kit – $119.95

The Apollo VTube Kit is recommended for advanced users and is a totally redesigned, high vapor producing device. There is so much you can do with this product that it is rightly seen as one of the top devices in the world of vaping. This kit comes with the Apollo VTube v3.0, a Sony VTC3 rechargeable battery, a Trustfire battery charger, a ProTank 2 clearomizers and an Apollo carry case.

Apollo Oracle Starter Kit – $26.99

If you are really interested in vaping, you might want to consider the Apollo Oracle Starter Kit. This takes regular e-cigarette smoking to the next level and is designed for beginners. This kit comes with one Apollo Luminous Battery, an Apollo clearomizer, a USB charger and a bottle of Apollo e-liquid in your choice of Classic Tobacco, Menthol or Watermelon.

Apollo Oracle S Kit – $18.95

The Apollo Oracle S Kit is a vaping kit that is designed for beginners. It only has hardware that is essential for vaping including an Apollo Luminous Battery, a CE4 clearomizer and a USB charger.

Apollo Endeavor X Kit – $29.99

Another good choice for intermediate vapers, the Apollo Endeavor X Kit will give you more vapor and more flavor than typical e-cigarettes. This kit comes with an Apollo Luminous battery, an EVOD Dual Coil clearomizer, a USB charger and a 10 ml bottle of Apollo e-liquid in Classic Tobacco, Menthol or Watermelon.

Apollo Oracle X Kit – $19.99

The Apollo Oracle X Kit is a refillable kit for beginners who are interested in trying vaping. This is a good kit that will offer an introduction to using the Apollo CE4 clearomizer and e-liquid. The kit comes with an Apollo Superior 900mah eGo battery, Apollo CE4 clearomizer, USB charger and a 10 ml bottle of the Apollo e-liquid of your choice.


Existing Customers – Available Products


One of the reasons that people really enjoy Apollo is that there is a huge selection of e-liquid available for their clearomizers. Some of the e-liquid choices include:

  • All Nighter – Tastes like a popular energy drink and actually contains caffeine
  • American Cigar
  • Baja Burst – Citrus based fruit punch taste
  • Banana Cream
  • Berry Blend
  • Blueberry and Kona Coffee
  • Candy Cane
  • Cappuccino
  • Cherry
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Cinnamon
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Classic Tobacco Menthol
  • Clove
  • Coffee
  • French Vanilla
  • Many More!

Apollo e-liquid also comes in some very unusual flavors like Gingerbread, Not-Cho Cheese Fauxritos and Pumpkin Pie. You can also buy this e-liquid in variety packs.


Apollo does very well when it comes to their e-liquid flavors, but they are limited when it comes to their cartomizers. However, they do sell blanks for both their Standard and Extreme e-cigarette kits that you can fill on your own with e-liquid. The cartomizers have five flavors available:

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee
  • Cherry

These cartomizers are available in different strengths and you will get five cartomizers in each pack.


Apollo sells a number of clearomizers and all of them work great with the large variety of e-liquid they offer. You can buy a kit with three different clearomizers in it, or you can choose from the rest of the clearomizers they have available. No matter what type of clearomizer you are looking for, from beginner to advanced, you can be fairly certain that Apollo will have them.


Not only does Apollo have batteries for all of their individual kits, you can find batteries of different sizes and colors. To break it down in an easy to understand way, you will find that every model Apollo has will have its own battery. On top of that, you will also find batteries that can be used with more than one Apollo model. You will also find that Apollo has passthrough batteries that will plug directly into your USB port. You can attach a cartomizer directly to this power source and vape without batteries.


Disposable E-Cigarettes

Apollo has a disposable option available to their customers too. The disposable e-cig will be ready to use right out of the box, is easy to use and very affordable. Each e-cig is the equivalent to about 2 packs of traditional cigarettes and is available in Classic Tobacco, Menthol and Watermelon. It is only available in 12 mg strength.


Common Questions

“How Long do the Cartomizers Last?”

There are two different sizes of cartomizers offered by Apollo. The Standard cartomizers offers about 200 puffs, or about one pack of cigarettes. The Extreme cartomizers offer about 300 puffs each, approximately 1.5 packs of cigarettes.

“What Nicotine Levels are Available?”

Apollo offers five different levels for their cartomizers and e-liquid when it comes to nicotine level. They are:

  • Extra High – 24 mg
  • High – 16 mg
  • Medium – 12 mg
  • Low – 8 mg
  • Zero – 0 mg

You should note that some flavors of e-liquid are not available in all strength levels.

“Can You Refill the Apollo Cartomizers?”

Apollo makes it difficult to refill their cartomizers, but they sell blanks for a very affordable price that can be refilled with e-liquid.

“Does Apollo Offer a Warranty?”

Yes, Apollo offers a limited lifetime guarantee on all of their electronic components. This does not include their other products, however. These items are covered by their 30 day money-back guarantee.

“Does Apollo Have a Reward Program?”

Yes, Apollo does have a reward program for their customers. You will receive one point for every dollar you spend on their website. You can also earn points by doing things like referring friends and writing reviews or testimonials.



As you can see already, Apollo electronic cigarettes are quite well known and quite popular among their users. Unlike other e-cigarette companies, Apollo has a huge selection of products available to their customers and has something for any vaper from a beginner all the way up to an expert. Some of the things that really stick out about Apollo products are:

Large variety of e-liquid
Battery options that are very powerful
Top notch customer service
Many options for any type of vaper



Though users of Apollo typically really like the brand and their products, no company is immune from some cons about their product. Apollo is no exception to this rule and here are a couple of things to keep in mind before buying this brand:

Not a lot of flavor selection with the cartomizers
Flavors tend to be a bit weak
It can be overwhelming to find the right kit and products from Apollo, especially if you are a beginner.



Final Recommendation

If you are thinking about trying any e-cigarette currently on the market, Apollo would certainly be a great choice. This company offers everything that any vaper could want out of their products. Though the company does have its shortfalls, like their limited flavor selection when you use their cartomizers, they also make up for that with their blanks and large selection of e-liquid. Apollo is a highly recommended company with a very solid product, and even beginners have options from Apollo to get their feet wet in the world of vaping.

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