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Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes was started by a group of smokers specifically for smokers as a way to offer a fresh alternative to traditional cigarettes. This product gives smokers the convenience of being able to smoke almost anywhere thanks to the use of the latest technology and design. The company prides itself on being technologically advanced and works hard to outperform the competition. From building their electronic cigarettes with the most durable mini coils around to designing the product to release heavy vapor, Atlantic keeps looking towards the future with the latest and greatest technology in mind.


New Customers – Getting Started Kits

Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes offers a number of kits that are perfect for those looking to begin vaping, or smoking E-cigarettes. In addition to offering kits that are great for beginners, they also offer kits for those who may have been vaping for years.

1. “Wave Rechargeable Kit” – $21.99

The Wave Rechargeable Kit is as simple as they come and is ideal for someone who is interested in trying E-cigarettes. These kits come with one rechargeable battery, a USB charger and two flavors, the Azores Classic and the Iceland Menthol. Both contain 18 mg of nicotine, an amount the average smoker will find to be adequate.




2. “Ocean Rechargeable Kit” – $79.99

Another option that customers have from Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes is the Ocean Rechargeable Kit. This kit comes with two rechargeable batteries, a wall charger, car charger a USB plug and a pack of refills for your E-cigarette. The refills are available in the flavor and strength of your choice, either 18 mg or a stronger 24 mg.



Available flavors: Iceland Menthol (Green color), Azores Classic (Blue color), Gibraltar Traditional (Red color), 


Atlantic Wave and Ocean Kits – How to Use Video:


3. ”Mega Kit Package” – $139.99

The Mega Kit Package is the best choice for almost anyone who is a regular user of E-cigarettes. This kit comes with four premium batteries that are rechargable, 4 USB chargers, a wall adapter, a car charger and 26 refill cartridges. This is the equivalent to 26 packs of cigarettes. You can choose any flavor for your refill cartridges and the option of either 18 mg or 24 mg strength.


Existing Customers – Available Products


Refill Cartridges

There are five different choices to choose from when it comes to the flavors from Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes:

  • Azores Classic (Blue) – A traditional tobacco flavor that all smokers will recognize


  • Gibraltar Traditional (Red) – A robust tobacco flavor that is bold and prominent


  • Iceland Menthol (Green)– For those who like the cool flavor of a menthol cigarette


  • Bermuda Sweet (Orange) – Many will like the sweetened taste of the Bermuda Sweet flavor that is fruity and refreshing


  • Caribbean Cafe (Brown) – For those that enjoy the coffee and tobacco flavor combination, the Caribbean Cafe flavor from Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes will be a wonderful choice.



All of the refill cartridges from Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes come in 18 mg or 24 mg strength. You can purchase them in 8, 40 or 80 count packages.


8 count packages:

40 count packages:

80 count packages:



Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes sells almost 40 different E-liquid flavors as well. You can use the E-liquid in the mods or to refill your cartridges.

Nicotine Levels – Each E-liquid flavor comes in varying strengths including 0mg, 6mg, 11mg, 18mg and 24 mg.

Flavors – You will find traditional flavors like Havana Banana and Denmark Chocolate Mint, but you will also find unusual flavors like Ocean City Taffy and Netherlands Cheese.



Batteries are available from Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes and come in one or three packs.

They are lithium ion cell batteries with an LED semiconductor and circuit chip technology.



Users can keep their E-cigarette batteries charged and ready to go by using one of the available chargers.

The company offers a car/USB charger, a wall/USB charger and a bundle with both chargers.

This way, home or on the road, you can always charge up your E-cigs.


Atlantic Nautilus Black or Chrome Mod

Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes also sells mods for those who are serious about their vaping experience. These mods are perfect for the large variety of E-liquids that Atlantic offers and are very easy to use.The Nautilus is available in either black or chrome and uses a button-free inhalation activation system. It will charge with any micro USB charger and is very lightweight. Each charge will last up to 24 hours. The Nautilus comes with 2 lithium batteries, 2 replacement tanks, 2 USB chargers and one 10ml bottle of premium E-liquid of your choice. The company also sells replacement tanks.


Common Questions

   “Is the website easy navigate and to order from?”

Yes! The website is extremely easy to navigate and ordering is a cinch. It only takes a couple of seconds to find the product you want and only a minute or two to place your order.

   “How do I know what strength to buy?”

Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes come in varying strengths, so it can be confusing for those who are new to the electronic cigarette scene. It can be easier to understand by comparing the strengths to typical cigarette styles:

  • Unfiltered – 36 mg
  • Strong – 24 mg
  • Standard – 18 mg
  • Light – 10 – 12 mg
  • Ultra Light – 6 – 8 mg
  • Nicotine-Free – 0 mg

   “How long do the cartridges last?”

For the average E-cigarette user, each cartridge delivers between 175 and 190 puffs. This is just a bit shy of a full pack of cigarettes.

   “Can the cartridges be refilled?”

Yes, you can refill the Atlantic Electronic Cigarette cartridges with the E-liquid that is sold by the company.

   “Do they offer any warranty or guarantee?”

Yes, the Atlantic Electronic Cigarette company offers a limited warranty on the products sold from their site. Any claims must be submitted within 60 days of the purchase of the E-cigarette.

   “Are there any special programs or discounts?”

Yes, you can find special discounts for Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes on their website. They also run specials such as “Buy 10 E-Liquids and Get 4 Free.”



Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes are well known on the market for their quality and technology. Those are just a couple of the things that make this E-cigarette company stick out. The other pros of choosing Atlantic electronic cigarettes include:

The E-cigarettes from Atlantic are very easy to assemble and even beginners will have no problem using them

Customer service is constantly reported by customers as being top-notch

The company offers warranties on their products

Most people really like the fact that the company offers so many E-liquid flavors to try

The battery charges quickly

These E-cigarettes are compatible with other brands including Logic Electronic Cigarettes, Safecig Electronic Cigarettes and Njoy Express Mini Rechargable Cigarettes

Most users of these products note that the vapor is thick and has a very nice feel in the mouth and throat



As with all products, there are some cons of Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes:

Though the battery charges very quickly, it also tends to deplete quickly. The battery lasts, on average, for about 175 puffs. For someone who is a full time user, you will likely need two fully charged batteries each day.

The cartridges could perform a bit better when it comes to longevity. There are many on the market that last longer.

This is a fairly new company which can be seen as a con to some people as it hasn’t had a chance to gain a huge following. Those who have tried it, however, are extremely impressed.


Final Recommendation

Though Atlantic Electronic Cigarettes are fairly new to the market, they have certainly made a name for themselves thus far. They put out a high quality product with the durability and performance that you might recognize from a top brand. You will find many flavors and strengths, the ability to order a mod and batteries that recharge very quickly. Bottom line, this is a solid product, recommended for all types of vapers and it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

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