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Many people are familiar with blu E-cigarettes thanks to their marketing and eye-catching design. Known for the glowing blue tip, blu E-cigs have been on the market since 2009 with a number of options for those interested in vaping. This company has a solid reputation and continues to be one of the dominant names in the E-cigarette marketplace. Theses E-cigs are fairly affordable and many people will get into vaping by using this product.

Is it a good choice for everyone? Get to know the blu brand and find out more, below:


New Customers – Getting Started Kits

The blu brand offers their customers three different kits to get started with vaping.These kits are designed for those who are new to the world of E-cigarettes or for those who are interested in trying out this well known brand.

You will find simple kits that are good for those who aren’t looking for an expensive commitment to vaping and they are perfect for those who want to try vaping out for the first time.


1. blu E-Cig Rechargeable Kit – $34.99

The first kit from blu is the basic rechargeable kit. When you buy this kit, you will get one slim charging pack that holds three of the blu Flavor Cartridges. This pack will charge batteries on the go. You will get two electronic cigarette batteries, a car charger, USB cord and comes with one pack of flavor cartridges in Classic Tobacco, Variety or Magnificent Menthol.

Classic Tobacco:

Variety –

Magnificent Menthol –



2. blu Premium E-Cig Rechargeable Kit – $79.95

When you choose to upgrade to the blu Premium rechargeable kit you will get the premium charger pack and be using their most popular product. This pack has social features that will allow you to find other blu users in your immediate area. In addition, you will get two electronic cigarette batteries, a premium USB charger, wall charger and a five pack of cartridges of your choice of flavors.

You can choose from Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol or one of the other flavors like Vivid Vanilla or Peach Schnapps. You can also choose the strength of your tobacco.



3. blu Premium 100 E-Cig Rechargeable Kit – $89.95

The ultimate kit from blu is the Premium 100 E-cig rechargeable kit. With this kit, you will get a premium 100 charging pack that has social features as above.

In addition, this kit comes with 10% bigger cartridges than the other blu models and batteries are stronger for longer vaping. You will get five Premium 100 cartridges in your choice of flavors and strength along with two Premium 100 batteries. You will also receive a USB and wall charger for your convenience.



Existing Customers – Available Products


blu Cartridges

Blu has a nice range of flavor cartridges available to their customers. These cartridges are available in seven different flavors and give the user a choice of different strengths.



The flavors that are available are: Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps and Java Jolt. All flavors also come in the regular and 100 sizes. You cannot use them interchangeably.



blu Packs

Looking like a cigarette case, the blu packs do double duty as a storage device and charger.

Both the original and the premium packs will charge your batteries on the go, so you will always have a spare battery when needed.

The packs are available in both black and white and are touch, which means your E-cigs will be safe from harm.


blu Batteries

You can also buy blu batteries separately from the kits. The batteries are available in both black and white and in original or premium.

The batteries feature Lithium-Ion technology and will give you the power needed to use your E-cig. The batteries will also feature the signature blue tip that not only looks cool; it doubles as a system that will alert you when your battery needs to be recharged.


blu Chargers

You will have your choice of a number of chargers for the blu line of products.

The brand offers a car charger for when you are on the go, two different wall chargers that can be used at home, and a USB charger that can be used right at your desk as it plugs into your computer.


blu Ashless Tray

You can use the “ashless” tray instead of an ashtray when you use blu. Since this E-cigarette is round, it can easily roll off any flat surface. With the ashless tray, however, you can simply place your E-cig in the slot and it will hold it safely until you are ready to use it again.



Disposable blu Electronic Cigarettes

If you are looking to simply try an E-cigarette without buying a  kit, blu offers disposables, too. They are also great for vacation or when you are on the go without your main blu kit.



The disposable E-cigarettes from blu are available in Classic Tobacco and Magnificent Menthol.

Each disposable is equal to one and a half packs of traditional cigarettes and when you are done with it, you can simply throw it away or even recycle it.



Common Questions

“How much nicotine is available in Blu E-Cigs?”

All of the blu rechargeable cartridges come in four different levels of strength:

  • High – 13-16 mg of nicotine
  • Medium – 9 – 12 mg of nicotine
  • Low – 6-8 mg of nicotine
  • Non-Nicotine – 0 mg of nicotine

The blu disposable Classic Tobacco only comes in 20 – 24 mg of nicotine and the Magnificent Menthol has 17 – 24 mg of nicotine.

“How long do the cartridges last?”

The blu Original and Premium cartridges have an average of about 250 puffs per cartridge. The Premium 100 lasts about 320 puffs, on average. The disposables last the longest with about 400 puffs.
“Can the blu cartridges be refilled?”

Though blu doesn’t advertise it, there are a number of sites online that show you how to refill and reuse the blu cartridges with E-liquid from other companies.

“How long do the blu batteries last?”

The blu batteries are Lithium-Ion batteries. The blu Original and Premium batteries will last, on average, about 80 to 100 puffs before they need charged. The blu Premium 100 batteries will last for approximately 250 to 300 puffs before needing recharged.

“Does blu offer a warranty?”

Yes, blu offers one of the best warranties in the industry with their one-year warranty. Simply return any defective product and receive a replacement.

“What are the shipping and payment options?”

Shipping is free through the USPS with regular shipping. UPS shipping is also available but the customer is responsible for shipping costs. Payment options for blu E-cigs are Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

“Are there any special deals or programs?”

Blu has one special rewards program for their users. Instead of applying the point towards cartridges or hardware like other brands, blu offers a full range of merchandise from t-shirts to iPad covers featuring the blu name and logo.



Since blu is such a well known name in the E-cigarette industry, most people expect the brand to have a lot of pros. This brand certainly does not disappoint. There are plenty of good things to say about blu and new users will find the following aspects of this brand really stand out:

A blu E-cig looks and feels like a real cigarette in your hands
You can charge anywhere with the blu pack
The vapor has a great throat hit and the flavor of the blu juice is some of the best around
The social aspect of the Premium and Premium 100 kits is very cool if you are looking to meet other people who use blu E-cigs.



As with any product, blu E-cigarettes also have a few cons that users should be aware of before they purchase them:

Long-term users of E-cigarettes tend to look down on the vapor produced by blu cigs. Other E-cigs produce more vapor giving a more authentic experience.
The battery-life for all blu cigarettes is low, though you do have extra charging options like the charging pack.
The blu cartridges are well known for their potent taste. Unfortunately, this doesn’t hold for the life of the cartridge and begins to fade over time.



Final Recommendation

For those looking to start vaping for the first time, one of the kits from blu would likely be a great introduction to the practice. For those who have been into vaping for awhile, those who like a lot of flavor choices or those who like a more realistic experience, you may want to choose another option. Blu has certainly made a name for themselves in this industry and will not go anywhere, anytime soon, but it is a basic system with an average experience for those who use this E-cigarette.

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