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In the world of E-cigarettes, there are average products, poor products and high-end products. EverSmoke falls closer to that high-end mark. The brand is only a couple of years old, but it is very affordable and a higher quality product than many of its competitors. The EverSmoke brand features a glowing orange tip, a built-in atomizer and rechargeable battery that is available in several different colors and sizes. To learn more about the EverSmoke E-cig, refer to the information below:


New Customers – Getting Started Kits

One of the best ways to get started with any E-cigarette brand is to look into the starter kits they offer. All major brands, including EverSmoke, offers these kits. They are perfect for beginners who are getting into vaping and for people who may be pros at vaping but new to the brand.


EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit – $49.99

For those looking for a great introduction to the world of electronic cigarettes, the Basic Starter Kit from EverSmoke is ideal. This kit contains all you need to start vaping. It comes with a high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery in your choice of colors and your choice of manual or automatic power, a standard Lithium-Ion battery, a wall charger, USB charger, an owner’s manual and five nicotine cartridge in your choice of flavor and strength.


EverSmoke Pro Starter Kit – $79.99

The most popular kit from EverSmoke is the Pro Starter Kit. This kit gives everything that you will receive in the Basic Starter Kit and much more. When you choose the Pro Starter Kit, you will get both the standard and high-capacity Lithium-Ion batteries in your choice of color and automatic or manual switch. You will also get a Power Cig, a wall charger, USB charger, car charger, owner’s manual and 10 nicotine cartridges.  This is the equivalent to 10 packs of cigarettes.


EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit – $149.99

The Ultimate Starter Kit from EverSmoke is quite impressive. It has been designed for the vaper who is looking for the top of the line kit with all the bells and whistles at an affordable price. With the Ultimate Starter Kit, you will get three Lithium-Ion batteries:

  • 1 high-capacity with an automatic switch
  • 1 high-capacity with a manual switch
  • 1 standard with an automatic switch

In addition, you will get a personal charging case that will hold up to 5 cartridges and keeps the mini batteries charged when on the go. You will also get a power cig, wall charger, USB charger, car charger adapter, carrying case, owner’s manual and 15 nicotine cartridges. This is the equivalent to 15 packs of cigarettes.


EverSmoke Couples 2 Kit Combo – $99.99

If you and your partner or spouse are both into vaping, you may want to consider the Couples 2 Kit. This is an identical kit to the EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit with the addition of 2 car charging adapters and a more affordable price than buying two of the Basic Starter Kits plus the adapters.


EverSmoke Reusable Express Kit – $29.99

The Resuable Express Kit from EverSmoke is a stylish and compact choice. It is designed to give users an itroduction to the EverSmoke brand. This kit comes with an EverSmoke standard Lithium-Ion battery, a USB charger, two cartridges in Classic Tobacco or Menthol and an owner’s manual.


Existing Customers – Available Products


You can buy the cartridges from EverSmoke in packs of 15, 30 or 45. The cartridges use a proprietary VaporFlo technology that ensures the draw is clean and smooth while also producing maximum vapor. The atomizer is built right into the cartridge which is filled with a liquid solution made exclusively for the EverSmoke product line.  The flavors available are:

  • Classic Tobacco
  • Royal Tobacco
  • Golden Tobacco
  • Cool Menthol
  • Peppermint Party
  • Very Vanilla
  • Coffee Creation
  • Cherry Crush
  • Peach Passion
  • Pina Colada



The batteries for the EverSmoke E-cigarettes come in standard and high-capacity models. You can choose from gloss black, “cigarette paper” white and stainless steel. You can also choose between automatic batteries or manual batteries. The automatic models will turn on automatically when you use the E-cigarette and the manual can be turned on and off with a button.


Portable Charging Case

If you are a fan of the automatic batteries, you can make user of the portable charging case available from EverSmoke. This is like keeping a charger right in your pocket. It holds both batteries and cartridges and when fully charged, can charge a battery four times.


Power Cig

The Power Cig from EverSmoke is a product that not every manufacturer offers. This product is battery-free and runs on the power of your computer through a USB cord. Keep vaping at your desk with this affordable and innovative Power Cig!



You can also order chargers from EverSmoke if you choose to forego ordering a kit or you just want an extra one around. Wall chargers are available when you want to power up at home. You can also buy USB chargers if you want to charge your E-cigarette from your computer. Additionally, a car charger adapter is available to charge your E-cig on the go.


Carrying Cases

EverSmoke also offers carrying cases for those who like to keep their supplies together in one convenient place.


Common Questions

“How long do the batteries typically last with EverSmoke?”

Both the standard and the long batteries should last throughout the day with a full charge. The mini battery will last a shorter period of time. In most cases, you can expect an average of 250 puffs from the standard, 350 puffs from the long and 175 puffs from the mini.

“How long do the cartridges last?”

Typically you can expect one cartridge to last as long as one pack of cigarettes. So, if you are a pack a day smoker, a cartridge a day would be the equivalent.
“What nicotine levels are available?”

When you choose EverSmoke cartridges, you will have five choices of nicotine strength:

  • Bold – 24 mg
  • Full Flavored – 18 mg
  • Light – 12 mg
  • Ultra Light – 6 mg
  • Non-Nicotine – 0 mg

“Can you refill the EverSmoke Cartridges?”

At this point, it is difficult, if not impossible, to refill the EverSmoke cartridges with E-liquid. The company makes sure to glue the tops closed. People have reported getting them open, but reassembling them is equally difficult.

“Is there a warranty or guarantee?”

Yes, EverSmoke offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their products. If they arrive defective, you can return them for a replacement product.

“Are there any specials or programs available?”

There is a home delivery program from EverSmoke that allows you to not only get monthly delivery, but also lifetime replacement on all products, 20% off all cartridge refills and “members only” discounts. You will also find that EverSmoke has a loyalty program where customers can earn points for doing things like sharing their orders on Facebook or writing reviews on products. Every 200 points earned will give you $20 to spend on products.



There are a number of good things about EverSmoke E-cigarettes and they have a great reputation. Some things, however, stick out more than others and these include:

Great vapor volume. Much higher than other brands
Manual and automatic battery options
VaporMax cartridge technology
Charges quickly
Look and feel of a real cigarette



There are always considerations to take into account when you buy a new product and EverSmoke is no exception to that. Here are some of the cons of EverSmoke E-Cigarettes:

The batteries don’t last as long as similar brand
There are not many flavors available from EverSmoke
Customer service has a history of not being customer friendly based on experience and other reviews



Final Recommendation

The EverSmoke E-cigarette is one of the top performing electronic cigarette on the market. There are limitations, such as the limited flavor choices, but for the everyday E-cig that tastes like a cigarette should, EverSmoke has done a fine job. There is a great opportunity for beginners to get into vaping with this product and even advanced vapers will find this product delivers great vapor and taste. Bottom line with EverSmoke is that it is a solid choice, more affordable than similar products and an E-cigarette that is highly rated by reviewers and users, alike.

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