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Green Smoke is one of the most well-known brands on the E-cigarette market and continues to be a pioneer when it comes to innovation and new products.

The brand is known for its well-made products and has been on the market since 2008. Buyers have the option of a number of E-cigarettes when exploring the Green Smoke brand and thanks to brand features like FlavorMax cartomizers, users will have a realistic smoking experience without the harmful side effects.

New Customers – Getting Started Kits

Green Smoke caters to E-cigarette users of all kinds from those just getting into the practice to those who have been using them for years. One way that Green Smoke meets the needs of their customers is by offering a number of E-cigarette kits.

These kits range from packages perfect for beginners to those that have everything the E-cigarette connoisseur would need:


1. “Essentials Kit” – $18.49

The Essentials Kit has everything that the beginner E-cigarette smoker would need to try out the Green Smoke product line. This kit comes with a rechargeable battery as well as a USB charger. In addition to that, the kit comes with two FlavorMax cartridges, the exclusive cartridges of Green Smoke. These cartridges have been designed to offer the maximum flavor possible and give a very high vapor volume. You will also find an easy to use screw-on and screw-off motion for replacing the cartridge with your choice of flavor. This is an ideal kit for those looking to give E-cigarettes a try.


2. “Express Kit” – $46.72

The Express Kit from Green Smoke will bring users even more features than the Essentials Kit. In the Express Kit, users will find two rechargeable E-cigarette batteries along with a USB charger and wall adapter. In addition, users can choose five FlavorMax cartridges to get started along the E-cigarette path. There is also a bonus carrying case that comes with the Express Kit that enables you to carry all of your supplies.


3. “Pro Kit” (Most Popular) – $74.05

The Pro Kit is perfect for those who already enjoy E-cigarettes and want to get a great value for their money. Included in the Pro Kit is three long-lasting batteries, a USB charger, a wall adapter, car adapter, 10 FlavorMax cartridges and a deluxe carrying case that will hold everything you need to smoke your E-cigarettes.


4. “Ultimate Kit” – $92.56

The Ultimate Kit has everything that the practicing E-cigarette user could possibly need. The kit comes with four rechargeable batteries that last for a long time. Users will also get 10 FlavorMax cartridges, 2 USB charger and 2 adapters for your wall and your car. Users will also get two carrying cases for storage, one of which is made of high quality, attractive leather.


5. “Love Birds Kit” – $129.60

Users can also choose the Love Birds Kit from Green Smoke. This is a great choice for those looking to have extra supplies on hand or for those who want the share the E-cigarette experience with their partner. This particular kit comes with 6 long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, 20 FlavorMax cartridges and 2 USB chargers. In addition, you will get four adapters for the car and the wall as well as two carrying cases to keep your supplies together.


Existing Customers – Available Products


“FlavorMax” Cartridges

Green Smoke offers packages of their exclusive FlavorMax cartridges.

You can choose to buy packages individually or up to packs of 20 packages. The cartridges come in a number of flavors including: Red Label Tobacco, Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist, Vanilla Dreams, Smooth Chocolate and Mountain Clove.

You can also choose different nicotine levels from 0% nicotine to 2.4% nicotine.


Green Smoke also offers options for batteries. The batteries offered by Green Smoke are long lasting and rechargeable. You can buy plain colored batteries from this company as well as designer batteries.The designer batteries come in a number of different colors and designs making it easy for users to show off their personality.


The designer batteries come in a number of different colors and designs making it easy for users to show off their personality.

Green Smoke also allows users to buy an affordable value pack of three batteries. Users can choose two different battery sizes, a smaller 160 mAh rating and a larger one with a 270 mAh rating.
















Since the batteries offered from Green Smoke are rechargeable, users should consider a charger and/or adapters for their E-cigarettes.

Green Smoke offers USB chargers, car adapters, wall adapters and an at-home charging kit. Any of these products will keep your batteries charged and ready for vaping.


Carrying Cases

Green Smoke additionally has carrying cases for their E-cigarettes and supplies.

These cases come in a number of colors and designs and will hold two batteries, a USB charger and two cartridges.



Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Green Smoke also offers disposable electronic cigarettes which brings the ultimate of convenience. These disposable models allow extreme convenience as you can enjoy the benefits of E-cigarettes without the purchase of a kit.

Each disposable E-cig lasts for about two days for the average person. Green Smoke sells them in two different flavors, Absolute Tobacco with 1.8% nicotine and Menthol Ice with 1.8% nicotine.


Common Questions

   “How long do Green Smoke batteries last?”

The smaller battery will last for around two hours of use before it will need to be recharged and the larger battery will last about three hours. The batteries take approximately four to six hours to recharge.

   “What nicotine levels are available?”

Green Smoke offers five different levels of nicotine strength:

  • Strong – 2.4%
  • Full – 1.8%
  • Light – 1.2%
  • Ultra Light – 0.6%
  • No Nicotine – 0%

   “How long do the FlavorMax cartridges last?”

The Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges will produce about 30 cigarettes worth of vapor, which is approximately 360 puffs.

   “Can you refill the Green Smoke cartridges?”

Though the Green Smoke company does not recommend refilling cartridges with e-liquid from other manufacturers, technically it’s possible to do so. There are a number of instructional videos and websites that will show you how this is possible.

   “Is there a money-back guarantee? Warranty?”

Yes, Green Smoke offers a 100% money-back guarantee when you return your product within 30 days of purchase. In addition, the company offers a lifetime limited warranty on many of their products, too. The company offers free battery replacements should the battery be defective within a year of purchase.

   “What are payment and shipping options?”

Green Smoke accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. The company uses the US Postal Service and FedEx for their worldwide shipping.

   “Do they offer any special programs?”

Yes, Green Smoke offers a number of special programs. They are:

  • Auto Ship Program – Get your cartridges shipped automatically with the auto ship program. You can save 10%, can cancel at any time and there is no commitment necessary.
  • Refer-A-Friend Program – If you refer a friend to Green Smoke you get $20 and your friend gets 10% off any of the Green Smoke starter kits.
  • Loyalty Program – For every $10 you spend at Green Smoke, you will earn a point which is good for merchandise.
  • Recycling Program – Green Smoke also offers a recycling program which allows customers to send in their used cartridges and batteries to earn new ones. The company will even pay for your shipping.


Since Green Smoke is a leader in the E-cigarette marketplace, you can expect a number of pros to this brand. The pros of Green Smoke E-cigarettes include:

High customer satisfaction – Customers often refer to the FlavorMax cartridges as the best on the market.

The FlavorMax cartridges produce a lot of vapor, bringing a realistic and pleasurable experience.

The batteries last for hours, the equivalent of 300 to 400 puffs per charge. They will last longer if you disconnect the batteries between uses.

Nicotine strength ranges from 0% to 2.4%.

Green Smoke is well known for their excellent customer service.

Available subscription service where cartridges are delivered every one to six weeks.


As with any product, there are also some possible cons of the Green Smoke brand:

Limited flavor options. Other brands offer more options to their customers.

A possible con is that they do not offer E-liquid for refills, only new cartridges. This typically will cost the consumer more than refilling your own cartridges.

Price is also a factor for some people, as this brand is one of the most expensive on the market.

Final Recommendation

In the E-cigarette community, Green Smoke is known as the “Cadillac” of E-cigarettes. This is one of the premium options for those looking for e-cigs and a solid choice for anyone, from beginners to more advanced E-cigarette smokers. Users will get exceptional vapor from this brand, excellent flavors, long battery life and a natural feel. Bottom line, if you are looking for an outstanding vaping experience, Green Smoke is a wonderful choice.

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