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Halo came out of nowhere a few years ago and quickly made a name for themselves in the world of electronic cigarettes. They quickly built up a following and these days are one of the most recognizable brands out there. The style of Halo E-cigarettes works well for them and the ingredients they use are top of the line. Thanks to this reputation, many users come to Halo to try it out, especially if they are new to the E-cigarette world. If you haven’t yet tried this brand, the following contains all you need to know about Halo E-cigarettes.


New Customers – Getting Started Kits

Halo has one main set that they focus on for those looking to buy E-cigarette kits and a tank set, for those looking for an advanced option. When looking at the options that Halo offers, potential customers will easily see the company’s focus on design, as for many customers, this is the main pull to the brand. With a number of colors and flavors available, Halo tends to focus more on the look and feel of their product over anything else. The G6 is the most popular choice, but the tank option is also available.


G6 E-Cigarette Starter Kit – $44.99

The G6 from Halo is the traditional E-cigarette design. It has all you need to get started with vaping, or smoking E-cigarettes. The design is the real winner here with a sleek look and compact size that makes it feel comfortable in the hand and easy to use. The batteries are available in two different sizes, mini and standard and come in nine different colors:

  • Jet Black
  • Classic White
  • Titanium
  • Midnight Blue
  • Princess Pink
  • Deep Purple
  • Demon Red
  • Emerald Green
  • Electric Lime

In addition to getting two batteries with your G6 kit, you will also get a 5-pack of cartomizers in the flavor you choose. Halo offers nine different flavor options for their G6 cartomizers as well as blanks that can be refilled with one of their 23 E-liquid flavors. You will also get a USB adapter, a wall charger and a Halo case for all of your supplies.


Triton Starter Kits – $64.99

For advanced vapers, or those who want to jump into the full E-cigarette experience, the Triton from Halo is the perfect choice. These kits will come with all you need to get started with vaping and Triton has all you need to get started with an advanced option. The kit comes with two different batteries that come in 11 different colors:

  • Jet Black
  • Iridescence
  • Yellow Jacket
  • Electric Lime
  • Emerald Green
  • Deep Purple
  • Princess Pink
  • Titanium
  • Midnight Blue
  • Demon Red
  • Mocha

In addition to the batteries, the Triton kit comes with two clear tanks, one 35 mm cone, a USB adapter, wall charger and a Halo case that will keep everything together in one place.


Existing Customers – Available Products

G6 Batteries

Halo offers nine different colors when it comes to their G6 batteries. Each extra battery is available in three different sizes: a mini, a standard and an extra large option. Larger batteries tend to last longer and give more puffs per charge. Each battery is also available as a manual or automatic battery. An automatic battery is similar to smoking a regular cigarette and a manual battery must be turned on by pressing a button.

G6 Chargers and Adapters

You will also find a range of chargers and adapters available for the G6. These include a USB adapter, mini wall charger, car charger and a standard wall charger. No matter where you are, from home to on the go, you can charge your G6 with these accessories.

G6 Mini Tanks

Halo also offers a mini tank for their G6 model. Instead of using the traditional cartomizer, you can choose a mini tank that will attach to the battery. This mini tank is simple to refill and gives a pure, clean taste. They are available in seven different colors.

G6 Cartomizers

For those looking for an affordable option, blank cartomizers are available from Halo, too. These attach directly to the battery and can be filled with the E-liquid of your choice. You can also choose pre-filled cartomizers with one of their nine flavor choices.

G6 Accessories

There are a number of accessories available for the G6 including carrying cases, drip tips and necklaces which give a convenient spot for your E-cigarette.

Triton Batteries

For the Triton, there are also four different batteries available in a number of colors. Since the Triton is more customizable than the G6, advanced E-cigarette users can get a fully customizable experience with these batteries.

Triton Tanks

Triton tanks are also available to purchase individually. These tanks are very easy to fill, come in a variety of colors and hold up to 65% more E-liquid than the traditional G6 cartomizer.

Triton Chargers

There are three chargers available for the Triton system. You can choose from a mini wall charger, mini car charger and a USB adapter.

Halo E-liquid

Halo offers 23 different E-liquid flavors for their G6 and Triton systems. You will find traditional tobacco flavors such as Turkish Tobacco, Longhorn and Captain Jack. They also have unique flavors such as a number of menthol and flavors like Shamrock, a chocolate mint flavor and Kringle’s Curse, a peppermint flavor.



Common Questions

“How Long do the Halo Batteries Last?””

There are three different sizes of batteries available for the Halo G6. The smallest, the 65mm will last on average about 200 puffs per charge. The 78 mm battery will last for about 300 puffs and the 102 mm battery will last about 400 puffs per charge. For the Triton, there are four battery options and they are as follows:

  • 57.5 mm – 480 puffs
  • 74.5 mm – 780 puffs
  • 89.8 mm – 1000 puffs
  • 99.6 mm – 1350 puffs

“What Nicotine Levels are Available from Halo?”

Halo does not offer a zero-nicotine option, but they do have several other strength options:

  • Low Nicotine – 6 mg
  • Medium Nicotine – 12 mg
  • High Nicotine – 18 mg
  • XHigh Nicotine – 24 mg

“What does the Warranty or Guarantee Consist Of?”

Halo provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all of their products. Refunds are not available, but you can get replacement products if the product is sent back within 30 days of purchase.

“What are the Shipping and Payment Options?”

Halo offers a number of shipping options including USPS, UPS and FedEx. Payment can be made by credit card only.

“Are there any Special Programs Available?”

Yes! Halo offers special programs to their customers including free samples of E-liquid with a purchase of $20. Additionally, there is a reward program for frequent customers that will allow you to earn points over time for Halo products. You will earn 100 points or every $20 spent on E-liquid and 75 points for every $20 spent on G6 or Triton hardware. You can additionally earn points for referring a friend, sharing information on social media and writing reviews.



Since Halo is a well known E-cigarette brand, you can expect a number of pros from this brand:

Sleek and versatile look available in a variety of colors
Gives a slightly heated vapor that gives a warm throat feel, similar to a real cigarette
Good mouthpiece design which eliminates leaking
Easy to upgrade the basic system with larger batteries
You can use other brand E-liquids in the Halo cartomizer



All products have cons, no matter how good the product might be. Halo is no exception to this:

Limited flavor options when compared to other E-cigarette makers, especially when it comes to the fruity flavors
No zero-nicotine option for those seeking out a nicotine-free experience
Limited warranty only lasts for 30 days, most companies offer longer periods
Vapor production is not as pronounced as other brands which can be a deal-breaker for some vapers.



Final Recommendation

Overall, Halo is a good company and offers good products. There are certainly companies, however, that rank higher when it comes to their flavor options and their product choices. Where Halo stands above the rest is in their choice of colors and designs. They have a number of tobacco flavors available, but seem to fall short when it comes to sweet or fruit flavors. The Halo system also doesn’t seem to have the vapor volume that many E-cigarette smokers enjoy. Overall, Halo is a good company that delivers a solid product and it would be ideal for those getting into E-cigarettes or for those who want to explore devices like the Triton. This brand might not be the best choice for those traditionalists who are serious about their E-cigarettes.

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