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Out of all of the electronic cigarette manufacturers, White Cloud brand is one that prides themselves on the technology that goes into these products. They make a big effort to present these e-cigs as high quality products and don’t fall short. Part of the reason that White Cloud brand stands above the competition is that they manufacture their electronic cigarettes themselves. Other brands will make their e-cigs with generic parts and place their name on these parts, but White Cloud makes them all on their own. White Cloud brand e-cigs also pride themselves on having some of the longest lasting batteries in the business. What else should you know about White Cloud electronic cigarettes? Read on to find out more:


New Customers – Getting Started Kits

White Cloud offers several options for those interested in getting to know the brand through its starter kits. These kits have everything a vaper would need to try out a new brand or to try out e-cigarettes for the first time.

White Cloud Cirrus 2 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – $39.95

If you are a first time vaper, the White Cloud Cirrus 2 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is a perfect choice. It is affordable, gives you all of the essentials and you can even customize it however you like. This kit includes two classic white batteries with a grey tip and an orange glowing LED light. You will also get five of the White Cloud SmoothDraw cartridge and a Chargebolt USB charger. You have the choice of adding a 2-year extended warranty, an extra charging adapter, extra battery and a carrying case.

White Cloud Cirrus 2 PLUS Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – $59.95

The most popular kit that White Cloud sells is the Cirrus 2 PLUS Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. This is almost exactly like the White Cloud Cirrus 2, but comes with the brands Squid charger. This charger is a USB charger that will charge up to three batteries all at once. As with the Cirrus 2 kit, you also get two classic white batteries with a grey tip and orange glow LED, five of the brands ClearDraw cartridges and an AC adapter. Other options are also available including extra batteries, a carrying case and an extended 2-year warranty.

White Cloud Cirrus 3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – $69.95

Another option that vapers have from White Cloud is the Cirrus 3 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. This is a small, compact kit that is perfect for smokers on the go. The batteries are smaller than the Cirrus 2 batteries, but still have the capacity to get 200 puffs per charge. These batteries are also compatible with the SmoothDraw cartridges, the ClearDraw cartridges and all White Cloud accessories. The kit contains three Cirrus 3 batteries, five SmoothDraw cartridges, the Squid charger and an AC adapter.

White Cloud Cirrus 3X Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – $89.95

White Cloud also offers the Cirrus 3X Electronic Cigarette and this one takes vaping to the next level. The batteries will last up to 600 puffs on a single charge and will fully recharge in only about 120 minutes. The batteries are compatible with the ClearDraw cartridges, the SmoothDraw cartridges and all White Cloud accessories. This starter kit includes three batteries, a Chargebolt USB charger, both an AC and DC adapter, and five SmoothDraw cartridges. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

White Cloud Cirrus Variety Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – $79.95

Finally, you will find that White Cloud offers the Cirrus Variety Electronic Starter Kit. This is an ideal kit for the beginner and comes with the Cirrus 2 e-cig battery, the Cirrus 3 e-cig battery and the powerful Cirrus 3X e-cig battery. These batteries are compatible with all White Cloud accessories and cartridges and comes with five of the SmoothDraw cartridges. You will also get a Chargebolt USB charger and an AC adapter.


Existing Customers – Available Products


White Cloud offers several different types of cartridges for their e-cigs including ClearDraw, ClearDraw 2 and InvisiVapor. The ClearDraw cartridges are the basic cartridges and come in a variety of strengths and flavors. The ClearDraw 2 cartridges take things to the next level offering even more flavors, more vapor and more value. The InvisiVapor cartridges are low-vapor and is the perfect choice for those looking for discretion. You can buy cartridges as singles, 5-packs or 50 packs. Available flavors include:

  • Regular Tobacco
  • Apache – Bold Tobacco Flavor
  • Bora Bora – Mild, Spiced Tobacco
  • Atlantic Cut – Tobacco with Caramel, Apple and Maple Flavors
  • Menthol
  • Iced Berry – Menthol with an Icy Berry Flavor
  • Snap – Mint and Chocolate
  • Zero K – Peppermint
  • Strawberry
  • Bad Apple
  • Peach Pit
  • Lime & Coconut
  • Banana
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Espresso
  • Kick – A Combination of Honey and Cinnamon
  • Cin – Cinnamon Flavor
  • Clove


White Cloud offers several battery options. The Cirrus 2 is the basic battery from White Cloud and provides an average of 280 puffs per charge. The Cirrus 2 only takes about 90 minutes to fully charge. Another option that White Cloud offers is the Cirrus 3. This is a smaller battery that offers an average of 200 puffs per charge and will charge in only about 60 minutes. The third option is the Cirrus 3X. This is one of the most powerful batteries on the market and will give you an average of 600 puffs. It will fully charge in only 120 minutes.

Chargers and Adapters

White Cloud also offers a number of charges and adapters for their users. The Squid charger is one of the most popular and will allow you to charge up to three of the White Cloud batteries at once through a USB port. White Cloud also offers their ChargeBolt charger and adapter, which can be adapted for AC, DC or USB power sources. They also have European AC adapters, too.


White Cloud has many accessories for their customers. You will find lanyards to hold your e-cigs, carrying cases and t-shirts. You will also find tips that will allow you to attach two cartridges to one tip meaning you can mix flavors. Most other manufacturers do not offer this cool option.


Disposable E-Cigarettes

White Cloud additionally has disposable e-cigarettes that are perfect for those who want to try out vaping or for those who are looking for vaping on the go. The company sells their disposable e-cigs in single packs or in packs of 10, 25 or 100. You can choose them in a number of the brands most popular flavors.



Common Questions

“How Long Do the Cartridges Last from White Cloud?””

In most cases, you can expect to get anywhere from 350 to 400 puffs from each cartridge from White Cloud. When compared to traditional cigarettes, the cartridge is the same as about a pack and a half of regular cigarettes.

“What Nicotine Levels are Available?”

White Cloud offers six different levels of nicotine for their e-cigs:

  • Double Extra – 54 mg
  • Extra – 36 mg
  • Full – 24 mg
  • Light – 16 mg
  • Ultra Light – 8 mg
  • Nicotine – Free – 0 mg

“Can You Refill the White Cloud Cartridges?”

Many wonder if you can refill the White Cloud cartridges with e-liquid. You can certainly refill these cartridges but keep in mind, White Cloud does not recommend it. Refilling will void the warranty and it is very easy to overfill the cartridge. This will lead to your batteries not working.

“What Type of Warranty is Available?”

All products from White Cloud come with a standard 6-month warranty. You can also choose to purchase an extended two year warranty.



White Cloud is extremely well-known for the quality of their products and there are many pros that you will find when you use these e-cigs for vaping. Some of the most notable pros include:

Made in America
Batteries that can last up to 600 puffs
Cartridges produce a lot of vapor…or none at all if you are looking for discretion
Throat hit that is highly reviewed
Wide range of flavors and nicotine strength levels



White Cloud e-cigarettes are regularly mentioned as some of the best e-cigs in the world. That doesn’t mean, however, that there are not cons to this brand. Here are a few:

The cost of White Cloud e-cigs is higher than other brands
No free shipping
No e-liquid
All nicotine strengths are not available in all flavors



Final Recommendation

To many people, White Cloud e-cigarettes are the best on the market. These products are made with some of the best technology out there, are made in America and offer a number of options to their customers. There are several kits you can purchase, a full range of flavors and the batteries from White Cloud are extremely good. The only set back that people have about White Cloud is the cost of their products and the fact that they don’t offer all nicotine strengths in all flavors. Overall, however, if money isn’t a problem for you White Cloud is perfect for all vapers, from beginners to experts.

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